Smartphone vs. Notebook

Stralcio di KLOG tratto dalla corrispondenza con Rober Chin.

There are three different way to make use of multimedia, you know. The first one is in your office when you are sitting on your desk in front of your PC or laptop. The second is at home, on your bed, in front of your TV or multimedia hub. The third one is on the go, while travelling, walking, jogging and so on. The last one means mobility and it justifies the success of mobile phone, iPod, PSP and others.

The other reason is the growing of smartphone unit sold. In the first quarter of this year it is grown-up of 29%. It means that people need something that must be similar to a notebook, because it takes pictures, movies, it make use of music, email and everything now is available on App Store.

Today we are all asking if smartphone will replace notebooks. Otherwise, notebooks could replace mobile phone (notebook are going smaller, lighter, wireless, always on the net, etc. … wow, Skype is very good for this).

Today we are crazy for multi touch technology. Also laptop will work in this way. I think the next step will be to add voice to the multi touch. In the future we will speak with PC and text reading will disappear (do you remember minority report? if you prefer you can think about star trek; I know you prefer it).

It will be not soon, but for our child it will be common. While our parents did some difficulties to use the mouse for the first time, we will have trouble to learn and understand without read. Someone do it just now, this is why it can be the future.

My vision is that all of us will have a smartphone into our pocket. A lot of applications will be hosted on servers. The smartphone will be your key to data and applications stores on the net (you must know very well why MobileMe is so strongly strategic for Steve; oh yes, at this time the problem is the synch, but in the future I don’t know if this would be a problem). When you need, you will connect your smartphone to bigger monitors, in your office, at home, in the internet café. In many cases, the smartphone could be only a modem, like a smartcard, to be connected (Google teaches us).



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